Using the ResearchXL framework for e-commerce optimization



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Using the ResearchXL framework for e-commerce optimization

Learn how to create a repeatable, teachable industry-agnostic conversion optimization process that delivers you results every single month.

Online success is like a highly competitive sport. To be world class and dominate your space you have to build on your strengths and eliminate weaknesses.
This means constant effort to improve your website. The key question is how to identify where your website is leaking money and how to eliminate those leaks.

In this seminar, you’ll learn to use conversion research framework ResearchXL – which will help you come up with a data-driven optimization roadmap.

You will learn how to

✔ perform technical analysis to identify under-performing devices, browsers, and pages
✔ conduct structured heuristic analysis to map “areas of interest”
✔ pull insights out of mouse tracking analysis
✔ run and analyze qualitative surveys that will give you meaningful insights
✔ conduct user testing that works
✔ categorize and prioritize issues found and translate them into test hypotheses and treatments
✔ pick the right testing strategy
✔ Select an optimization strategy for continuous growth

About the presenter

The seminar is delivered by the co-founder and Managing Director of CXL Agency, Viljo Vabrit. Viljo has worked with 100s of companies worldwide to help them improve their bottom line through optimization. Viljo is an experienced trainer and consultant who has also worked as a professor of entrepreneurship.

CXL Agency is one of the most sought-after conversion optimization agencies in the world. CXL has experience working with some of the biggest names in their respective industries like Marriott, Carrefour, Belron, Kaspersky etc.

Viljo Vabrit, Conversion XL